This piece of text from Judges has countless applications in it regarding parenting, priority, and preservation. In an effort to not spiritualize or allegorize this text to death, let me focus on a few sobering observations leading to a call before all God focused families.

The background of this text is so relevant to our day, it can't be emphasized enough.
Led by Joshua, the Israelites had finally materialized God's promise of retrieving the promise land. However, God left a test amidst His people by leaving some of the pagan tribes in the land (Joshua 23-24).
As alluded to in the end of Joshua, The people stood witness to the call to serve the LORD only and forsake the idolatry of they're surrounding pagan tribes. Judges picks up from the conquest of the promise land, and as the ANGLE OF THE LORD indicted Israel, they didn't keep the covenant.
As the text states, in Joshua's time, the people served the LORD. However, a generation came about who didn't know the LORD or the works he had done in delivering them from bondage. As the progression continues, the people did what was evil in the sight of the LORD, served other god's.

-The comparisons I'm drawing from is this, since the founding of this country, we've been a Christian nation. As the generations have passed and law's have become more humanistic, we've seen unprecedented moral decay. Through the succession of generations, we've failed in preserving the bold Christian heritage that made this country great. Granted this is more of a macro scale, however, had this been preserved on the micro level(individual families) perhaps the moral decay wouldn't be at the epidemic proportions it is today.

**My call is this**

Parenting: more than ever before, as parents, "We" need to help our children understand God's Word, give them a proper perspective of man, the world, and the nature of sin. And more importantly, we need to be REAL with our children. Idolatry in our culture is clearly more subtle than bowing before a statue, but don't be deceived, it masquerades wearing success, materialism, and independence. Remember, the generation that is being referred to in judges is a result of parenting. God's people became "entertained" with the customs of their pagan neighbors. I'm not saying to hermitize your children, but rather, Romans 12:1-3, them.
Priority: Spiritual formation needs to be at the top of the list for the development of our children. Cultivating spiritual discernment trumps being culturally relevant.
Preservation: Fostering a biblical worldview in our children will anchor their faith in Christ. Thus, allowing being a preservative in culture adding flavor to a tasteless world.

In conclusion, i'm simply saying, don't be deceived, we need to be practicing Deuteronomy 6 in our homes. Or the culture will be raising your children. Let us this day, choose whom we will serve, God(God and his statues, testimonies, laws, biblical worldview) or man (state, government, humanistic world views).


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