We’re homeschoolers. And because we are, I am a mom who is ever-attempting to educate myself so I can stay a step or two ahead of my children. I don’t think that sets me apart from other moms, we all (should) do that. But specifically, I do look for and find resources that, while homeschool-based, are absolutely applicable and helpful to any parent who wants to bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. I often read blog posts, articles, books, etc., that cause me to think to myself, “This is far too spiritually good not to share.” So at the risk of sharing something that at first might be overlooked because it is a talk specifically given to homeschoolers, with a title of “Homeschooling’s Highest Goal,” I want to share this talk by Adam Andrews from Center for Lit.

What I found in this video was much deeper and far more expansive than something that can only be useful for a homeschool family. Adam Andrews is a homeschool dad, but more importantly, he loves the Lord and is a faithful deliverer of His truth. In this talk, he walks his audience through a literary analysis of the book of Job in the Old Testament, and in doing so, opened my weary eyes afresh to the absolute Truth, beauty, and goodness found in the Word of God about our human condition and the remedy for our fallenness.

His approach in this talk is to encourage parents as teachers to teach the best things to our children in our homeschool, and if we are limited on time and resources, how we can teach the most fundamental teachings of the Lord, which is what true education really is. He says, “We want our children to be educated people, to know how to handle the world that the Lord is putting them in.” And we can only do that by taking them to the Word of the Lord and then discipline them to live it out in their own lives. That is true education. It’s not just homeschooling’s highest goal, it’s Christian parenting’s highest goal. Regardless of what kind of education our children are receiving, be it public, private, or homeschool, these principals apply to every parent who knows and loves the Lord and who belong to the family of God through the person and work of Jesus Christ. There is a deep and abiding lesson to be learned from Job as we do the work of raising our children, a lesson to be learned in the “doing” of our discipleship. It’s a lesson that speaks to performance outcomes, doing the “right” thing, and the temptation to be results-driven - these are temptations common to homeschoolers, but I would argue are also a temptation to any Christian parent who desires to see that their work in the discipleship of their children is not in vain.

To make it easier, his talk on Job begins at the timestamp 8:59 and ends at 38:05. I would encourage anyone who is not a homeschooling parent to please view this through the lens of discipling their children. I would also encourage one to gracefully believe the best of Mr. Andrews as he contrasts what we can offer our students in homeschool versus what is offered in the public school system. Because honestly, homeschoolers can easily fall prey (I’ve done it myself) to emphasizing all the “right” educational goals and create a false separation between those and a “Bible” curriculum. If you listen beyond the timestamp parameters noted above, you will hear his humble heart throughout the entire message. Let us not get wrapped up in his convictions on homeschooling, but rather mine the riches of wisdom he shares in this message as a brother in Christ, compare his teaching to the truth in God’s Word, and apply it to our
parenting, despite the formal educational avenues we take with our children. You just never know when thirty minutes of a literary analysis of Job might be the unexpected teaching that the Lord uses to awaken sleepy places in your heart. When the Lord does that, it’s too good not to share.

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